"To feature the hospitality concept within interior design of a healthcare environment" was emerged as a unifying theme for different executive floors of Güven Hospital, which has 40 years old history in the healthcare industry. Making the patient feel comfortable and cared as opposed to feel in a hospital environment by enhancing the patient experience was guiding principle through the design.

The design of the main corridors are like a hotel corridor for creating a calm healing environment. Dark grey lacquered surfaces give the feeling of luxurious environment to VIP floor. The softer color gives the feeling of fresh and lively environment for the women's health and gynecology floor.

The guestrooms are designed in accordance with the needs of 3 main users: patients, companions, and visitors. The space and specially designed furnishing system allow these actors to hold their own comfortable niche. A concealed bed is designed for the companion for coziness and privacy.

The number of the visitors was important for both of the floors thus a separable visitor area is created for some guestrooms. Also, it is aimed to enhance patient's comfort with such a living room.